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Commercial Pest Control


AIM Termite & Pest Control offers businesses complete pest control protection. Our service is offered on a weekly or monthly schedule. However, we will provide a program that will meet your individual needs based on the type of business, the hours of operation, any health concerns that may exist or the severity of the problem.


In order to control pests, one must know what types of pests exist and where they may live. Any program that is effective will focus on the pest and its need for survival. A pest’s survival depends upon food, water and shelter. If you can identify and eliminate these sources, you will be able to control and successfully eliminate your pest problem.


The Problem


Your Pest Control Specialist must know where to look for pest activity. There are five key activity zones:

  • Entry Points: Insects can enter your business through small cracks and crevices. Supply deliveries also transport insects into your business. Rodents can invade your business through holes the size of a dime.
  • Water Sources: Pests need water daily and will forage until they find it. Leaks in plumbing and roofs will support pest infestations and hamper control efforts.
  • Food Sources: The tiniest crumb can support pest infestations. One grape can feed more than 600 cockroaches, even the glue on delivery boxes provides a food source for pests.
  • Harborage Points: Cracks and crevices can provide living and breeding spaces for pests and rodents. Rodents will nest in voids on the interior and burrows on the exterior.
  • Customer/Employee Areas: Health risks and pest sightings can destroy your bottom line. Protection is essential to the health of your employees and customers.



Ants are America’s most prolific pest. Business in every corner of our community will have to deal with them at some time. Some ants can carry bacteria and contaminate food sources, while others can damage wood or inflict painful bites. They even have been known to nest and cause damage in computers.




Roaches are the living dinosaurs of the insect world. Their ability to survive surpass all other creatures on earth. Business owners fear this pest more than any other. A customer that sees a roach in your business is apt to tell ten people about it. By the way, you won’t be one of them.




Flies threaten more than your business. They breed quickly, laying hundreds of eggs every few days. The eggs hatch in as little as 12-24 hours. Maggots begin feeding immediately. Flies contaminate food, moving from rotting, disease laden garbage to exposed foods and surfaces. They spread diseases through pathogenic bacteria that can cause Staph, E. coli, Salmonella and Shingles. In addition, flies cause customers to form an unsanitary image of your business, thus undermining your bottom line.


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