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LIFETIME LIMITED GUARANTEE: Subject to the General Terms and Conditions, the Company will control incidences that my occur of infestation by subterranean termites for one (1) year after initial treatment, provided that payment for the initial treatment is made as agreed: and during each additional year of the optional renewal period, provided that guarantee renewal fees are paid in accordance with the terms of this agreement. The Company’s Lifetime Limited Guarantee under this agreement is limited to control of Subterranean Termites ONLY and does not cover repair of existing, previous or subsequent damage by Subterranean Termites to the structure(s) or contents thereof. This guarantee is transferable to the new owner of the premises by transferring a copy of this agreement to the new owner and advising the Company in writing of the name and billing address of the new owner. A fee may apply for this transaction.




1. This agreement excludes coverage of Formosan Termites.

2. After two (2) renewal years the Fee may be increased at the discretion of the Company.

3. The company is not responsible for cost of re-treatment if direct wood to earth construction, or roof leaks, or plumbing leaks, or excessive moisture condition exists in, or under or adjacent to the structure(s).

4. If, during the guarantee period, additions and/or alterations are made which affect the treated structure(s) by creating new insect hazards or interference with the chemical protective barrier, the Company may terminate the guarantee unless the Company receives written notification, re-inspects the structure(s), contracts for additional treatment and/or adjusts the guarantee renewal fee.

5. The Company’s liability under this guarantee shall terminate when access to the premises for the purpose of carrying out the terms and conditions of contract is refused the Company or its agent.

6. Certain conditions beyond the Company’s control may affect its ability to complete or to commence treatment. Such conditions include but are not limited to heavy rain, acts of government authorities, civil disturbances or refusal by the occupant to allow the Company access to all or any part of the structure(s). No liability shall accrue to the Company, if, at its discretion, any of these conditions exist and it becomes necessary for the Company to postpone or cancel treatment.

7. In the event it becomes necessary to retain legal council in order to collect payment as agreed in this contract, then and in such event attorney’s fees and/or other collection costs may be assessed upon the amount due and owing.

8. This Contract and the attached Graph and Specifications comprise the entire agreement between the parties hereto, and the Company and the Client/Buyer are bound only by the stipulations of these terms and conditions and not by any other representations, oral or otherwise, unless such are in writing and signed by an officer of the Company.

9. It is mutually agreed that any dispute under the terms of this agreement shall be submitted to arbitration pursuant to the rules of the American Arbitration Association.


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